Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ho Ho Ho~! New member is onboard this Christmas!

Mobile Accessories! It could be hang on your bag too~. It is actually up to your creativeness where you wanna put them. I have them on my house's keychain!

> Order please email to

RM 15 each
MA-001 (list of a to f)


RM 15 each
MA-002 (list of a to g)

Actual size for the doll head accessories

More Bangles this week!

Life is boring without colors to brighten up our day!  I don't know about you but I personally felt it is true~ :-p
Order please email to

RM 15 each. 6 cm in diameter.
BG004-a: Smokey Quartz color in gold base.(SOLD)
BG004-b: Black & White color in gold base. (SOLD)

BG005-a: Smokey Quartz color in silver color base. (SOLD)
BG005-b: Moon Stone color in silver color base. (SOLD)
BG005-c:  Black color in silver base. (SOLD)


RM 12 each
Only 1 design, colorful (Red-Green-White-Blue-Black). 5.1cm in diameter.

BG-013: 2 units left (SOLD 1)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Bangle in Stripes

Non-transparent. RM 16 each. 6.5cm in diameter.
Order please email to

BG-006 (a) 1 unit left
BG-006 (b) 1 unit left
BG-006 (c) (SOLD)


The Owl, and the Christmas socks

This two are really special, not to mention the price but the design is eye catching!
I like the owl a lot and this is the only one at the moment. I have to be honest that there is a little defeat on the eyes (big and small eye) as it is handmade.
> Order please email to

The Owl (SOLD)
Item Code: P020
Price: RM 35 each
Size: 3.5 inch (W) x 4 inch (H)

Socks (2 units available)
Item Code: P021
Price: RM 32 each
Size: 4.5 inch (W) x 4.5 inch (H)

(It comes with a key chain hook that I forgot to capture into the picture as well!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Coin Purse

Continue from my previous post. Price still the same -> RM 29 each, buy TWO (2) at RM 50.
> Order please email to

-> Pineapple
Item Code: P016 (1 unit left)

-> Round Egyst pictorial,
Item Code: P017
3.5 inch in diameter, 0.3 inch thick.


More Coin Purse on the way!

Added a few new to my collection. There are few more to come (in my next post) with more interesting design!
> Order please email to

Price is still the same -> RM29 each (Buy any TWO at RM50)
All items below will have the front and back in same design accordingly.

Item Code: P011 - green (SOLD); P012 - red (SOLD)

Item Code: P013 (SOLD)

Item Code: P014 (1 Brown & 1 Red (SOLD))

Item Code: P015 (SOLD)
Size: 3.5 inch (H) x 5 inch (W)
3D butterfly that makes this wrist purse unique!

I wanted to reserve this for myself but it was adopted before I made up my mind!
Great things are meant to be shared!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traffic Lights Bangles

I wanted to name it as Traffic lights bangles because it really round like the red, yellow & green on the traffic lights!
> Order please email to

BG003 - RM 19 each
Color for (a) - Pink, red, light amethyst, yellow,purple red, light blue (SOLD)
Color for (b) - All white color (SOLD)
Color for (c) - Yellow, pink, dark blue, Purple red, white, red (SOLD)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colorful Bangles

Acrylic Bangles (non plastic).
> Order please email to

BG002 - RM16 each 
Select your choice of design (from "a" to "g"), total of 7 colors! Click on the image for larger view to make your selection.

BG-002 (a) 1 unit left
BG-002 (b) 1 unit left
BG-002 (c) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (d) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (e) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (f) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (g) 1 unit left


Add a little color to the festive seasons!

Christmas is approaching together with the sudden changed of our weather - raining everyday! Seems like the weather is making us feeling a bit moody and lazy, let's get some colorful bangles and wear it at work or when you are out having tea!
> Order please email to

BG001 - RM 19 (All SOLD OUT)

Elastic bangle. Can restring if the string is broken. 6cm in diameter.

Thank you Brenda and Grace for the great support! Considered it a quite unique as I only managed to sell to both of you with all my stocks! *Hug Hug*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leather Coin Purse - 2nd version!

Here comes another few that is newly added to the family!
> Order please email to

Price is still the same -> RM29 each (Buy any TWO at RM50)
Item Code: P007

Back view
Triangle "Kaya Kok" (It's a traditional KUIH in Malaysia for more than 30 years!)
Item Code: P008 (SOLD)

Front: Butterfly in Pink Red

Two tone with butterfly print (the size is able to fit in your credit card as well)
Item Code: P009 (SOLD OUT)
Item Code: P010 (SOLD OUT)

Notice the black color part is different?

The size of each small pouch is not more than 3x5 inch.