Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from MyCloset Etc

A very Merry Christmas wishes from me to all of you~! Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!
I will take a break and see you all in year 2010~. Don't forget to come back after the long break :-)


Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Babe!

Merry Christmas to all of you!
Beaded with Swarovski crystal and doll head imported from Japan.

> Order please email
RM 60


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ho Ho Ho~! New member is onboard this Christmas!

Mobile Accessories! It could be hang on your bag too~. It is actually up to your creativeness where you wanna put them. I have them on my house's keychain!

> Order please email to

RM 15 each
MA-001 (list of a to f)


RM 15 each
MA-002 (list of a to g)

Actual size for the doll head accessories

More Bangles this week!

Life is boring without colors to brighten up our day!  I don't know about you but I personally felt it is true~ :-p
Order please email to

RM 15 each. 6 cm in diameter.
BG004-a: Smokey Quartz color in gold base.(SOLD)
BG004-b: Black & White color in gold base. (SOLD)

BG005-a: Smokey Quartz color in silver color base. (SOLD)
BG005-b: Moon Stone color in silver color base. (SOLD)
BG005-c:  Black color in silver base. (SOLD)


RM 12 each
Only 1 design, colorful (Red-Green-White-Blue-Black). 5.1cm in diameter.

BG-013: 2 units left (SOLD 1)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Bangle in Stripes

Non-transparent. RM 16 each. 6.5cm in diameter.
Order please email to

BG-006 (a) 1 unit left
BG-006 (b) 1 unit left
BG-006 (c) (SOLD)


The Owl, and the Christmas socks

This two are really special, not to mention the price but the design is eye catching!
I like the owl a lot and this is the only one at the moment. I have to be honest that there is a little defeat on the eyes (big and small eye) as it is handmade.
> Order please email to

The Owl (SOLD)
Item Code: P020
Price: RM 35 each
Size: 3.5 inch (W) x 4 inch (H)

Socks (2 units available)
Item Code: P021
Price: RM 32 each
Size: 4.5 inch (W) x 4.5 inch (H)

(It comes with a key chain hook that I forgot to capture into the picture as well!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Coin Purse

Continue from my previous post. Price still the same -> RM 29 each, buy TWO (2) at RM 50.
> Order please email to

-> Pineapple
Item Code: P016 (1 unit left)

-> Round Egyst pictorial,
Item Code: P017
3.5 inch in diameter, 0.3 inch thick.


More Coin Purse on the way!

Added a few new to my collection. There are few more to come (in my next post) with more interesting design!
> Order please email to

Price is still the same -> RM29 each (Buy any TWO at RM50)
All items below will have the front and back in same design accordingly.

Item Code: P011 - green (SOLD); P012 - red (SOLD)

Item Code: P013 (SOLD)

Item Code: P014 (1 Brown & 1 Red (SOLD))

Item Code: P015 (SOLD)
Size: 3.5 inch (H) x 5 inch (W)
3D butterfly that makes this wrist purse unique!

I wanted to reserve this for myself but it was adopted before I made up my mind!
Great things are meant to be shared!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traffic Lights Bangles

I wanted to name it as Traffic lights bangles because it really round like the red, yellow & green on the traffic lights!
> Order please email to

BG003 - RM 19 each
Color for (a) - Pink, red, light amethyst, yellow,purple red, light blue (SOLD)
Color for (b) - All white color (SOLD)
Color for (c) - Yellow, pink, dark blue, Purple red, white, red (SOLD)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colorful Bangles

Acrylic Bangles (non plastic).
> Order please email to

BG002 - RM16 each 
Select your choice of design (from "a" to "g"), total of 7 colors! Click on the image for larger view to make your selection.

BG-002 (a) 1 unit left
BG-002 (b) 1 unit left
BG-002 (c) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (d) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (e) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (f) SOLD OUT
BG-002 (g) 1 unit left


Add a little color to the festive seasons!

Christmas is approaching together with the sudden changed of our weather - raining everyday! Seems like the weather is making us feeling a bit moody and lazy, let's get some colorful bangles and wear it at work or when you are out having tea!
> Order please email to

BG001 - RM 19 (All SOLD OUT)

Elastic bangle. Can restring if the string is broken. 6cm in diameter.

Thank you Brenda and Grace for the great support! Considered it a quite unique as I only managed to sell to both of you with all my stocks! *Hug Hug*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leather Coin Purse - 2nd version!

Here comes another few that is newly added to the family!
> Order please email to

Price is still the same -> RM29 each (Buy any TWO at RM50)
Item Code: P007

Back view
Triangle "Kaya Kok" (It's a traditional KUIH in Malaysia for more than 30 years!)
Item Code: P008 (SOLD)

Front: Butterfly in Pink Red

Two tone with butterfly print (the size is able to fit in your credit card as well)
Item Code: P009 (SOLD OUT)
Item Code: P010 (SOLD OUT)

Notice the black color part is different?

The size of each small pouch is not more than 3x5 inch.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Bazaar at Sunway Club 01-11-2009

Great news! Sunway Club has a flea market on every 1st week of the month, and we are glad to announce that we will be participating for our very first time in flea market. Don't miss out that chance to meet us in person and see our products for yourself :-)

Sunway Club is between Sunway Medical Center and Sunway Resorts Hotel, Subang Jaya. They have started the once a month flea market since August 2009, many booth setup at indoor and even pool side~ remember to bring along your camera in case you wanna snap some photos along the pool side as well~!

(For a detail location map, please visit my friend's site for location map at )

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A little glister

Slight glistering on the surface, medium small size with 2 compartment.

RM 29 each

B028 (Dark Blue - SOLD)

B029 (Cream color)

Closer look for the bag texture

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My-Closet-Etc support environmental friendly, yeah!

This eco friendly recycle bags are just nice for replacement of plastic bag when you shop for your groceries! Or, it is simply just another hand carry bags for your when you travel~!

RM 15 each - (All has been SOLD OUT)

Comes in 8 designs, easy manageable with small pouch (the one that on top left, same prints with the bag) to keep it and its no messy when you put in your bag.





Thank you for your support and your love to our environment!
You, can make a different with just a small little change :)